Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods

Saskatchewan Safer Communities Screen Capture

On any block and in any neighbourhood, it only takes one house that is harbouring illegal activities to undermine the safety of all residents of that community and affect the property values throughout that neighbourhood.

The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act is intended to empower residents to take back their neighbourhoods by reporting problem residences or businesses that are habitually used for illegal activities. These activities could include drugs, prostitution, gang or criminal activities, child sexual abuse or the unlawful sale or consumption of alcohol.

If you are suspicious of a property in your neighbourhood, do not investigate it yourself or approach the occupants.

Please call the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Investigation Unit immediately.

There is an Investigation Unit in both Saskatoon and Regina.
Regina toll free number: 1-866-51-SAFERS
Saskatoon and Prince Albert toll free number: 1-855-933-6411

You can also submit online

The information you provide is confidential, and you will not be involved in any investigative or court proceedings that may result from your report. No one involved with SCAN can disclose your identity without your consent, and the information you provide cannot be used in a way that would disclose your identity.

Signs of Illegal Activity

There are some common signs that illegal activities are taking place in a home or business, particularly if they happen in combination with each other, and frequently. Here are some things to watch for:

  • frequent visitors – often driving expensive vehicles – at all times of the day and night;
  • frequent late night activity;
  • blackened windows or curtains always drawn;
  • unfriendly people who appear to be secretive about their activities;
  • people watching cars suspiciously as they drive by;
  • heavy home security installations;
  • strange odours coming from the building or garbage;
  • garbage that contains an unusually large number of bottles or containers, especially chemical containers; and
  • placing garbage in a neighbour's collection area.…