North Battleford Introduces Eyes That Care for residents who want to address preventable crime.

North Battleford Eyes that Care Logo

The 2016 Crime Severity Index was released in July 2017. North Battleford has made progress and is no longer #1 on the Violent Crime Severity Index. However, preventable crimes such as vehicle thefts and residential break-ins continue to rise keeping us #1 overall.

North Battleford wants to expand on the successes of our Community Safety Strategy and enhanced “Eyes That Care”. This project empowers residents who want to address our preventable crime challenges and encourages residents to do the following:

  • Sign up for the Eyes That Care Program
  • Meet your neighbours and share contact information
  • Watch for any suspicious activity
  • Report any suspicious activity to the RCMP
  • Ensure that your vehicles are locked and the keys are on your person. NOT inside the vehicle.

The City believes that if we can engage residents to take responsibility for their areas, that we can achieve a 10 percent decrease in preventable crimes. In exchange for residents committing to this project, the City will provide:

  • A solar motion sensor light thanks to support of Canadian Tire
  • An Eyes that Care sign to be displayed in a front window
  • Monthly email updates on the progress being made towards the 10% reduction.
  • An opportunity for residents to nominate a Monthly Eyes that Care Neighborhood Champion who will be entered in a drawing for a 50-dollar gift card.

Working in close conjunction with the RCMP Crime Prevention/Victims Services Unit, we will be able to utilize data driven benchmarks that will guide our City resources to provide the best results.

The City of North Battleford will announce Community Events where you can register and receive your Motion Sensor. To register now, visit, download and complete the form and email it to the Communications Coordinator at or complete the form in person at City Hall 1291-101st Street.

Let’s work together to build a safer community.

For more information:
Robert Oberlander, Communication Coordinator
Tel: 306-445-1710 |
Jim Puffalt, City Manager
Tel: 306-445-1727 |