Nova Scotia

Kingston County West COP participated at the Kingston RCMP Detachment today as they were celebrating Police Week.  Kelli Gaudet, the RCMP member who is in community policing said we were the first group to volunteer to assist her with this project.  We did a booth outside with COP and COP Off Road along with a BBQ.  Despite the rain, we had a great time.  Kelli came along at the end of the day and thanked us for our cooperation  and a job well done.  I feel our group is very close as we participate in other volunteer programs and know just how the other ones tick.  We hopefully will get more volunteers and can keep our group alive.  Everyone is so busy these days, they do not want to make a commitment.

Lizz, member of Kings County COP

From Ardoise COP group, Hants County, written by Andrew Harvie
Like many groups in Nova Scotia, we are faced with declining numbers as the years take their toll, and very little new recruitment.  This is certainly not unique to the Citizens On Patrol program.  I know of many other groups that face the same challenge.
We haven’t given up though.  In the next few months, we will be actively advertising what the COP program is all about and seeking to interest new people in joining.  We have produced a brochure that describes the program, which will be distributed far and wide, and is going to be included in Welcome Wagon packages in our area.  This was designed for use by all groups in Hants County, not just our own.  Neighboring groups have also been advertising.
We’re going to share a table at the upcoming Police Week event in Windsor (hoping that it doesn’t get rained out) and will be hosting a series of public information meetings.  Plans are also afoot to get an article in the local paper.

From Enfield COP group, Hants East.

We like every other group in NS is struggling to stay alive.  We have held public meetings and the 3 or 4 that did show up were not interested in patrolling.  We are now partnering with our Crime Prevention group who are helping us with recruiting and publishing new brochures.  WE will be co-hosting police week in East Hants and will have the new brochures ready to present to the public.  We have already had a table at one of the Community event’s for Ovarian Cancer Awareness fair.  People came and we explained to them that they can patrol at their leisure and when they like morning, afternoon or evening.  Still no response.  We will keep it going for another few months and then see what happens.

News from Nova Scotia provided by Betty Woolridge, Treasurer for CCOPA